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Tidy Coop About Us

About Us

Tidy Coop began with a question. 

What type of home cleaning service experience would WE want?

As we started to shop current home cleaning options, we discovered that the industry was in the dark ages. Simply put, with all this great technology at our fingertips, home cleaning services were seemingly left behind; not only operationally, but surprisingly, in customer experience.


It was at that moment that we dedicated ourselves to spark a revolution.

A few obsessed people in the business of cleaning.

As we researched countless cleaning companies, we had a pretty good idea what was missing. Our current world is moving more towards services ON-DEMAND.


If you need a ride, groceries, a bite to eat, or even some puppies to brighten your day, you can find a service at your fingertips... literally. Unfortunately, a majority of home cleaning businesses have not kept up.


Most cleaning services are rather cumbersome to get started and require phone calls, vague pricing, site visits and even contracts. Meanwhile, all you want is a convenient, quality, hassle-free home cleaning service.

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Tidy Coop

On-demand, hassle free and upfront; the Coop App links professional cleaniners with homeowners and is 100% app-driven and contactless. Book the home cleaning services you require on your time. 

Our mission is To Provide, quality, hassle-free, and convenient home cleaning service that fits yoru schedule. Our booking options are clearly defined with a quote within seconds of opening your app. Through the Tidy Coop app there are customizable options ready to be booked to fit your needs and schedule.


Best of all, our services have unmatched value and NO CONTRACTS!




Safety is our priority. Tidy Coop agents arrive with proper Personal Protective Equipment (ie. masks, gloves, goggles etc.) and tools to provide the various services. 

TIDY COOP service providers are background checked and local, independent contractors. They are put through multiple interviews and competency checks. Once we are confident the home service provider is able to meet our quality standards of service, they go through field training and are eligible for bookings on their own or with their approved cleaning partner.


TIDY COOP agents come ready to perform the services requested through our app and are available for direct connection before, during and at the end of their duties. 




Finally, a home cleaning service App that understands what real people want.

Our TIDY COOP 'Standard' is value-priced for regular maintenance without the contractual obligation. We offer many 'Deep Clean' options for first time bookers or properties that will just take more time to dial in. 

Apartment Cleaning require specific services and we have custom designed options for hosts of various sizes. 

Move In/ Out services pay special attention to preparing a residence properly for new tenants while factoring in a-la-carte options key to making a residence outstanding.


The Tidy Coop app's interface offers a very convenient, hassle-free platform to book your cleaning services that will save you time so you can focus on you and your family.  

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