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Back to School: Essential Cleaning to Keep your Family Safe

The pandemic isn’t over, but summer is. As the school year begins, parents across the U.S. are wondering:

How can I keep my family protected? We, at Tidy Coop, know that our home is what keeps us grounded, happy, and prepared to take on life’s struggles and that is why we put together an ever-evolving guide on ways to keep you and your family safe while going back to school. 1. Organization

We’ve all been there, it’s the 5-minute call for the bus stop and we can’t find the matching sock, or the backpack, or the lunch that you hadn’t gotten to make the previous night because you were busy sewing the kids new masks. Here’s a few tips and tricks to keep your sanity level in check while helping your family. MASKS While all circumstances are different, many of you will need masks when going back to school, or even going out in public in general. Therefore, you may want to make a “use and wash” principle in your household. To start, create a place for clean masks that will act as your refillable station. Upon returning home from school, work, etc., have a dedicated hamper to place dirty masks. These will get washed and cycled back into your clean mask station. This is a simple and easy addition that will keep your family and home healthy. Be sure to send additional disposable masks with your family, in case of an accident. BACKPACKS, CLOTHES, SHOES Have a dedicated space to place all their belongings. This will reduce the number of germs spreading throughout the house. Have the kids wash their hands right away and spray everything down with a spray disinfectant. DEDICATED HOMEWORK AREA Create an area with sanitized pens, pencils, markers, and school equipment. This not only keeps the home free of unwanted germs, but it gives the student a strong distinction between homework and schoolwork. 2. Routine Cleaning

Deep, thorough cleaning should always be a high priority in any household, and this is where the real protection happens. Here is a short list of items you should keep as a checklist. + Clean Laundry Baskets- Spray with disinfectant and leave in Sun to “Steam” clean. + Freshly Washed Towels/Sheets- Weekly + New hand towels- Daily + Disinfect High Touch Surfaces- Daily + Wash Hands- Frequently during the Day + Check Air Filters- Keep your lungs happy by making sure your filters are free of buildup. + Keep Hand Sanitizer in various locations throughout the house. 3. Use Tidy Coop

Tidy Coop offers a 20-point cleaning service that will bring your home to that next level of cleanliness. With add on services such as interior windows, baseboards, pet waste, and auto interior detailing, we can provide you with a comfort that your home is a safe, clean space. We are an App-Driven, contact-free booking service with no contracts. We help make your tidy coop a happy home. In our 20-point service, we cover:

Kitchen: Clean Sink Clean appliance exteriors Clean inside microwave Clean range top Damp wipe cabinet doors Clean Counters Clean hard surface floor Bathroom: Clean sinks Clean counters Clean & disinfect toilets Clean tubs and showers Clean hard surface floors All Rooms: Pick up and straighten Remove cobwebs Dust/Vacuum furniture Vacuum Floors/carpets Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings Vacuum stairs Vacuum under beds Empty trash

In addition to the standard home cleaning service, which is a great value for routine maintenance, we also offer a deep clean option, which is engineered for first time bookings and allows for more time for those tough places like kitchen and bathrooms

Going back to school is going to be difficult, but not impossible. Let’s all join our metaphorical hands and create clean spaces that foster growth, fulfillment, and positive energy. And remember, a Tidy Coop is a happy home.

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