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Updated: Dec 26, 2023

It’s no secret that raising children can be a messy business. And while we wouldn’t change a thing, kids have a unique ability to get into everything and create disorder and can sometimes feel like an uphill battle to maintain a tidy and organized home.

1. Find a home for everything

“Tasks completed daily between routine cleanings can be extremely helpful when it comes to maintaining your home,” shares Chris from Tidy Coop, a professional house cleaning service in Colorado Springs, CO and surrounding areas. “Having a dedicated place for things (ie: backpacks, shoes, toys, clothes) is a good idea to encourage family members to easily participate in keeping your home decluttered, so when it comes time to clean, you aren’t spending most of the time putting things away, rather than cleaning. Another strong tip is to have a specific area designated for homework. Not only can this help for a productive work environment, but it can also keep clutter to a minimum around the home.”


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