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Move In, Move Out. We have you Covered.

You’ve broken your back to get that 100th box into the garage, but the daunting task of cleaning is still ahead of you.

Let us help.

Whether you're renting, owning, or leasing, it is a common courtesy to clean the home and leave it in as pristine a condition as possible. The Coop App is designed so you can avoid the hassle of locating a cleaner, calling them for rates, and hoping they have the availability to meet your deadlines and schedules.

You’re ready to sell your home, but to push it to market, it needs to have a showroom finish.

Let us help.

Often, the professional route is skipped, and the previous homeowner opts to clean the house themselves. This can be done well, but largely this process will need a deeper cleaning, and the Coop App offers Move In and Move Out cleaning services to ensure that no matter what situation you’re in, we’re here to help.

You’ve booked the U-Haul rental truck, transferred the moving pods, had a slice of pizza, and as the dust settles from the last disturbed attic box, you’re realizing you need a move out cleaning service, and not sure where to turn.

Let the Coop App help.

The process with us is effortless, simply download the Coop App on your phone, available on Google Play and Apple Stores, and book a service right away!

But what sets us apart, beyond the ease of booking an appointment? I'm glad you asked.

Move In/Out & Sale Prep Cleaning Services

The Coop app offers Move In and Out cleaning services geared towards homeowners, apartment dwellers and real estate professionals in need of flexible, hassle free, and convenient cleaning services.

Standard- Move In/Out or Sale Prep.


Clean Sink Clean appliance exteriors Clean inside microwave Clean range top Damp wipe cabinet doors Clean Counters Clean hard surface floor

Bathroom: Clean sinks Clean counters Clean & disinfect toilets Clean tubs and showers Clean hard surface floors

Rooms: Pick up and straighten Remove cobwebs Dust/Vacuum furniture Vacuum Floors/carpets Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings Vacuum stairs Vacuum under beds Empty trash *Baseboards

As comprehensive as the standard clean is, we also offer a variety of add ons to get an extra level of cleaning. These add ons are time savers and help you get back to what matters, enjoying your new home!

Interior Windows*

Inside Oven



Sweep Garage

Sweep Porch

Regardless of when you need, what you need, or how you need it, the Tidy Coop is at your beck and call, only a few taps away.

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