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Appointment Confirmed: Next Steps

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Thank You for booking with Tidy Coop!

As we put on our gloves, here are a few things that will maximize

our time in your valued home.

Order details in the Coop App under ‘Orders’. We encourage you to review this information for accuracy, ensuring a stress free clean!

Your Cleaner’s contact information can also be found in the Coop App, under ‘Orders’. We recommend making note of this information in case you need to communicate directly with the cleaner.

There is no need to clean before your Cleaner arrives, BUT the more surface area that is exposed, the more they will be able to clean.

It is not required to be on site while the Cleaners are working.

If you won’t be present when the cleaner arrives:

1. Access your Cleaner’s contact information in the Coop App under Orders.

2. Notify your Cleaner on how to safely access your home.

Include detailed instructions on how to access your home. This includes key placements, garage codes, etc. Be sure to leave instructions on where to return keys, as needed.

DO NOT give a cleaner permanent keys to your home.

BEFORE your Cleaner Arrives:

We want to give your home the cleaning it deserves! To do so, we ask that you help us out by doing a few things before your cleaner arrives at your home:

SECURE all pets.

While we would love to take the time to cherish all the beautiful pets, we ask that you secure all pets so that our cleaners can focus on providing the Tidy Coop Standard! Properly securing your pets ensures the safety and security of both your pet and the Cleaner.

Do you have preferred cleaning products?

If you’d like your cleaner to use your cleaning products:

1. Place the products in a clear, designated spot.

2. Communicate with your cleaner on specific location, materials, bottles, etc.

To access your cleaner’s contact information, go to ‘Orders’ in the Coop App.


If you have a vacuum, the cleaners will prefer to use yours due to health and allergen concerns. Please place your vacuum in visible sight and/or communicate with your Cleaner on where to locate it.

No Vacuum? No problem. Our Cleaners will have their own if one is not available onsite.

Want to schedule another cleaning? Re-booking is a snap in the Coop App! Our team of cleaners always has updated availability through the app.

Without You and your wonderful homes, we wouldn’t be here today, so we humbly thank you for allowing Tidy Coop and the Coop App to be your choice in home cleaning services.

It would mean the world if you’d take a few minutes to leave us a review! Let the community know what you thought.

Not satisfied with your clean? CONTACT US within 24 hours and we're happy to make it right with Tidy Coop’s Satisfaction Guarantee*

*Must have been present for walk-through at time of service completion.

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