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What Does it Mean to Have a Tidy Coop?

Updated: Apr 4

"What better place to let the stress drip away, than on your lemony fresh couch, your toes curling around the vacuum plucked carpet?"

The Coop App is a new and convenient way to book home cleaning services in just one minute! You are able to choose from several options including home size, cleaning type and additional add-ons that will allow you to customize the best cleaning session for your home.

Part of a Tidy Coop is having the security that it has been done right, and to ensure that, we have enacted a 100% On-Site Satisfaction Guarantee. Once the work has been completed, your Coop Cleaner will notify you, and address any concerns you may have. We will not leave until the job is done.

For those unable to be onsite, you can be at ease knowing our quality standards of service will be met with the 20-point Tidy Coop Standard.


Clean Sink

Clean appliance exteriors

Clean inside microwave

Clean range top

Damp wipe cabinet doors

Clean Counters

Clean hard surface floor


Clean sinks

Clean counters

Clean & disinfect toilets

Clean tubs and showers

Clean hard surface floors

All Rooms:

Pick up and straighten

Remove cobwebs

Dust/Vacuum furniture

Vacuum Floors/carpets

Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings

Vacuum stairs

Vacuum under beds

Empty trash

The Coop App is always striving to make the best experience possible and it is our mission to let your booking be as smooth as syrup down an early morning pancake. We want you to know that a clean coop means more to us than just sparkly clean counters (which they will!), it also means we will continuously tailor our products to meet the needs of you, the homeowner.

Safety is a top priority with contactless booking in our app as we focus on our 20-point quality standards of service, invoking professionalism and processes to maintain effective and long-standing relationships.

Booking through the Coop app doesn’t mean you’re getting another run of the mill home cleaning service, it means you’re booking vetted, insured professionals.

A Tidy Coop is a happy home and that’s our commitment to you.

But enough about us, we’re here because of you, and that’s why we want to focus on a few reasons why having a tidy and clean home is beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

The space you live in is an environment you want to be proud of, it’s your quiet den, cozy haven, and humble abode. What better place to let the stress drip away, than on your lemony fresh couch, your toes curling around the vacuum plucked carpet?

Your home is more than just a roof over your head, and that’s why we’re presenting four reasons why having a Clean Coop will allow you to live a happier, healthier life.

1. More Social Opportunities:

How many times have you been in a situation where you want to continue the days festivities at your place, only for it to dawn on you that your home isn’t quite presentable? It sends you into an anxiety inducing race to get back before the other party in order to sweep the dirt under the rug and shut your heap of laundry behind those creaking closet doors. And when they do arrive, you feel encumbered to over-explain as to why your house looks that way.

I know I’ve been there, and that’s why keeping a tidy home will allow you to keep peace of mind that you can have anyone come over at any point and feel proud to show off your stylish home.

2. Pride:

Pride, the joyous feeling of self-accomplishment. Crossing off an item on your “To-Do List” creates a huge burst of energy that is fueled by your own self-worth. By allowing your space to be clean, you are allowing those warm and fuzzy feelings of comfort to come easier and more often.

3. No Guilt:

Ever come home after a long day and spread-eagle style onto the couch, only to remember that you hadn’t done the dishes from the night before? We have all had that acid reflux feeling of disdain but doing the hard part and taking 15 minutes to load or unload the dishwasher, empty the waste in, or clear the clutter of your desk will save you the peace of mind later.

4. Increased Productivity:

Having an organized and clutter free space allows your brain to be more open and creative. With everything in its rightful place, you can allow your imagination to take forth and do more, rather than having your brain nag that something isn’t where its supposed to be.

Taking the time to make your space a Tidy coop is sometimes tedious and exhausting, but it will make your world immeasurably more enthralling. But don’t worry, if you have trouble completing all the tasks yourself, the Clean Coop App is a tap away from getting you back to that euphoric state of mind.

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