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House Cleaning made simple with Tidy Coop.

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Why Choose Home Cleaning, Why Choose Tidy Coop?

tidy coop app
Book local, professional home cleaners directly in the Tidy Coop app.

Features and Benefits of Cleaning With Tidy Coop

In a world dominated by carpet cleaners, home cleaning services, and housekeeping personnel, it’s hard to know which company fits you. Tidy Coop provides professional, local home cleaners near you and available for booking on-demand. We know a freshly cleaned home is not only safer for your family, it is also therapeutic, leaving time for you and the things that matter the most.

Residential cleaning services can be very inconsistent, and those variables are meant to be ironed out with Tidy Coop. Our standardized home cleaning services are very straightforward and easy to decipher. Tidy Coop offers whole house maintenance cleaning, with deep cleaning and move in move out cleaning options.

Tidy Coop relies on local, background checked, professional cleaners near you who are dedicated to ensuring your home sparkles! But as Billy Mays would say, that’s not all! Here are other features and benefits of working with our Tidy Coop cleaners.

Hassle-free, flat-rate pricing for home cleaning

The Tidy Coop app interface offers a very convenient, hassle-free platform to book your residential cleaning services to save you time and peace of mind, so you can focus on you and your family. Once inside the app, you will be able to select your home size, specific home cleaning services, and have a flat rate quote ready in minutes! No need to wait on a walk through and coordinate back and forth schedules just to get a quote for home cleaning.

Enough waiting for a maid cleaning service to call you back or come out to your home to give you a quote, only for it to be out of your budget or not consistent with anything you saw on their website. Enough calling or contacting in general! Let us help you, by making the experience of booking a home cleaner hassle free and contacts less!

You may wonder, what kind of home cleaning services do we offer? I’m glad that you asked!


Finally, a home cleaning service App that understands what real people want.

Our TIDY COOP 'Standard' is value-priced for regular maintenance without the contractual obligation. We offer many 'Deep Clean' options for first time bookers or properties that will just take more time to dial in.

Apartment Cleaning requires specific services and we have custom designed options for hosts of various sizes.

Move In/ Move Out services pay special attention to preparing a residence properly for new tenants while factoring in a-la-carte options key to making a residence outstanding.

Want to know something even more exciting? Tidy Coop has a 20-point standard that is a great value for regular maintenance or light to medium duty cleaning needs for residential homes. The standard cleaning services are blocked for approx. 3.5 hours

The Tidy Coop Standard

Kitchen Cleaning

Clean Sink

Clean Appliance exteriors

Clean inside microwave

Clean range top

Damp wipe cabinet doors

Clean Counters

Clean hard surface floor

Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning All Rooms

There are a lot of great ways to utilize Tidy Coop to its full capacity to make your home cleaning experience a wonderful one, and ensure your home gets the proper care it deserves. What about Tidy Coop sets us apart?

We would love for you to visit our other Blog Post, to really get the full picture behind “What Is Tidy Coop”

The Tidy Coop App is always striving to make the best experience possible and it is our mission to let your booking be as smooth as syrup down an early morning pancake. We want you to know that a clean coop means more to us than just sparkly clean counters (which they will!), it also means we will continuously tailor our products to meet the needs of you, the homeowner.

Safety is a top priority with contactless booking in our app as we focus on our 20-point quality standards of service, invoking professionalism and processes to maintain effective and long-standing relationships.

Booking through the Coop app doesn’t mean you’re getting another run of the mill home cleaning service, it means you’re booking vetted, insured professionals.

A Tidy Coop is a happy home and that’s our commitment to you. Though we wish we could be the crowning jewel of your house, we know it takes a lot more than that to make your home something special, and that's why we asked ourselves “What Does It Mean to Have a Tidy Coop?”

Whether you’re moving in, moving out or just need a regular clean (click here for 7 Tips for maintain a clean home), we are always in your corner and can’t wait to clean your home!


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